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Kaftans: Bandhej, Motifs, and Gaji Silk

Kaftans are raising in popularity among the fashion-forward people. It is known for its comfort and easy-to-wear and style qualities. Kaftans for women are widely demanded for various reasons. 

At IndiStyles, you can find Designer kaftans for women with the best quality and services. There is something for everyone provided with a variety of products ranging from styles to fabric materials. The vibrant colors and styles can fit many functions and can be value for your money. 

Kaftans for women: a comfortable choice

Kaftans are loose-fitting long robe-like clothing. It fits loose on the body and can be tied tight around the abdomen with a knot. The kaftans have mid-length sleeves that are loosely fitting. The whole kaftan gives the illusion of being in a T-shape or rectangular style. 

Kaftans are easy to wear and manage, thus they are increasingly becoming popular among women. One can wear kaftans at a casual friend's meeting or even wear them at some formal events. 

Whether it is of rayon or gaji silk, motifs design, or Bandhej kaftans at IndiStyles can suit your needs well. 

Gaji Silk Kaftan win the show:

Gaji silk is made of silk that repetitively has Indian patterns and symbols. The designs printed on the gaji silk are often geometric or floral. 

Gaji silk is silk material with printing on it. These designs are mostly of Indian origin. They have the same qualities as silk material. They are breathable, soft, smooth, and lustrous, and absorb moisture well. 

The soft and elegant vibes that silk fabric is known for give you value for the money you spend on these gaji silk kaftans. Explore the wide range of Gaji silk kaftans for women available at IndiStyle. 

Designer Kaftans: 

Many designs are available for you to buy and wear. However, the ones that are currently trending for their style and look are the motifs and bandhani kaftans. 

  • Motifs design: 

Motif design refers to the small patterns, shapes, and lines in repetitive order on the fabric. These designs could be printed directly from a machine or hand stamped. They are gaining popularity among fashion lovers. Check out rayon motifs printed kaftans at IndiStyles. 

  • Bandhej design: 

Bandhej design kaftans are designs based on the bandhani design. The building blocks of these designs are the same as bandhani. The simplistic designs of the bandhani are styled to fit well on the kaftans. These designs are made to go well with the majority of occasions. 

Styling is the key!

Kaftans are comfortable and easy to wear. They could be styled to elevate your look and give you the vibe that you are aiming for.

Style the designer kaftan of your choice with small jewelry pieces or accessories to give you an elegant look. You can opt for a bold look by opting for a few bold accessories and jewelry pieces. 

As per the fashion rules, hair and makeup can make or break your look. Ensure to style them as per your outfit.