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Silk Sarees for Every Wedding Function!

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Jun 2023
Silk Saree for women

Have you ever wondered if you were to choose only one kind of clothing for all the wedding functions, then what could it be?

Believe it or not but if you were to wear only one kind of clothing for all the wedding functions then it could definitely be - An Indian Silk Saree

The lustrous and elegant fabric, numbers of variety of the designs, and available in various beautiful colours! Indian weddings are incomplete without traditional silk sarees, cherished for years. The Indian weddings are full of lights and colours, where the gleaming beauty of the pure silk saree sets you apart. 

Silk Sarees for Every Wedding Function?

But, can you really carry silk sarees for all the wedding functions? As, all the functions are not as big, bright and colourful as the day of wedding. You need simpler clothes for one occasion, you need a partywear printed saree for the other and you need a very fancy designer saree for wedding day/night. Can silk sarees be really worn for all the functions?

Of course, yes! Take a look at the sarees mentioned below and see for yourself…


banarasi silk saree

Mehendi is probably the first considerable function of the wedding. It is a day celebrated with a lot of dance, some food(Nashta), and ofcourse Mehendi. This day everyone puts on a mehendi on their hand, especially the bride and gets ready for the wedding/ wedding functions to start. This is a very light minded and casual ritual of all the wedding rituals. You want to go as simple as you like for this day. A simple banarasi silk saree of a lighter colour will work the best. A saree with fluorescent green colour and simple zigzag weaving pattern. The borders of the saree has a very decent floral pattern in red and dark green colour in such a tone that goes with the green colour of the saree perfectly. You can dress this saree with some minimal jewellery as you need to be comfortable while getting mehendi and the dance that happens during this day. 


Indian silk saree

Haldi is a ceremony of cleansing and purifying. In this function, the respective families of Dulha and Dulhan apply a past of Haldi & chandan on the bodies of the bride and groom to cleanse and prepare them for the holy matrimony. The colour code of this function is usually yellow. This is also a very light minded function, where there is not much hassle and mostly fun. You can select a simple light yellow handloom weaving Indian silk saree for this function. Chunky yellow jhumkas and some rings are just fine enough to pair with it and you are ready to go!

Devi Pooja

banarasi silk saree

Devi pooja is performed in most regions of India before the wedding according to the different rituals of religions, castes and tribes. This is pooja where all family members get together and perform the Kuldevi pooja and invite the divine goddesses to the wedding and give her blessings. It is a very auspicious function and is usually full of music(bhajan), dance(to pray to the almighty) and fun. You can carry this mustard banarasi silk saree for this event. The saree is crafted with golden zari weaving and meenakari borders. The naturally bright colour of this saree would make a great pair with golden jewellery. You can also create a contrast by accessorising it with green jewellery and heels.  

Grah Shanti

kanchipuram silk saree

Grah Shanti is a pooja that happens a day before the wedding to invite the almighty and pray to them to remove all the obstacles that may occur during the wedding time and the lifetime of the bride and groom. Grah shanti is considered to be the final step before the actual wedding. It is a very peaceful yet very important function where a pooja is performed by the parents of the bride and groom. This is a time where you can wear statement pieces. You can pick this decent teal green kanchipuram silk saree for this event and flaunt your classiness like a royal diva. Pair it with some simple pearl jewellery and create an elegant yet an effortless look. 

The Wedding

silk sarees for wedding

The wedding is the main and most important part. It is a part where a lot of rituals happen in one single function - the barat, the feras, the hast-melap, the kanyadan, etc. It is the most fun and stylish function. You have to carry your best saree for this grandeur occasion of the wedding. This Green handloom weaving saree is a perfect example of what you can carry to showcase a traditional royal style. The paithani silk sarees for wedding with a beautiful meenakari work over the pallu and the borders looks mesmerising with a red long sleeve blouse. Accessories it with some heavy golden or meenakari work- jewellery. Pull your back in a bun and put a flower in your bun to add another beautiful element. 

Wrap Up :

At this grandeur occasion, you will meet eyes that keep a check on what the others are wearing. Your attire will be taken as a statement for who you are and how you are. But you do not need to be in any worry to tune in with the occasion. You can simply choose an Indian silk saree which has a design and colour that tunes with the function well and accessories it with matching blouse and jewellery and you are ready to rock the party effortlessly.

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