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Patola Silk Saree: Trendy Indian Silk Festive Wear Sarees

by Mayur Zinzala 22 Sep 2023

Silk sarees are the most precious fabrics of all time. Soft silk sarees are one of the traditional Indian apparel worn by women. The breathable fabric and elegant aesthetic make it a perfect outfit for a festive event. Every woman deserves to have this creation to adorn their wardrobe as it is regal and chic. 

Patola Design: The Gujarati Wonder

Patola is a double ikat weaving design known as specially made by artisans of Patan, Gujarat. It has appealing designs and patterns throughout the fabric. The design includes clustered patterns or leheriya strips over the saree. 

Patola sarees make perfect apparel for festive events. It's because of the colorful blend of the designs and Indian aesthetics. The silk fabric makes your elegance shine with the vibrant colors of variety. 

Pink Gaji Silk Patola 

Pink Gaji Silk Patola Saree


This pink patola silk saree has charming patola designs printed on it. The design is inspired by the ancient style of depicting wildlife by drawing it on fabric. The art is now available to you with the finest silk fabric at an affordable price. The pink shade is known to be a representation of compassion and harmony. The multicolor designs add to the visual aesthetics of the saree. 

The saree itself has many elements. You can keep accessories and makeup simple to let the saree shine or go for slightly bolder aesthetic accessories to add a little drama to the outfit. 

Off-White Gaji Silk Patola 

Off White Gaji Silk Patola Saree

This Indian printed saree has visually pleasing colors and designs perfect for a wedding or festive event. It could fit into formal events if styled right. The lagda patti on the saree makes it even more captivating. It is designed with the stips of wildlife drawings, an ancient style known for a long time. 

Styling can elevate the aesthetics of the outfit. Wear statement jewelry to distribute the drama along the whole body. Play with the hairstyles to fit with the vibe that you are going for. Whether it is elegance, boldness, or something that represents you the best. 

Pink Print Patola Silk Saree

Pink Printed Patola Saree

This patola Indian print saree is perfect for all patola design lovers. The pure patola designs are depicted on the silk saree for the most comfortable clothing experience. The lagda patti on the saree makes it more attractive with the tassels hanging on the pallu. 

The best part of this saree is that whether it is for your festive or formal events, it fits your vibes just right. Never forget accessories. If you ask me, oxidized jewelry or jhumkis will look amazing with this beauty. 

Leheriya Blue Banarasi Silk Patola 

Leheriya Blue Banarasi Silk Patola

The leheriya woven handloom soft silk saree is perfect for the festive seasons. The design includes strips of patola woven into the silk saree. The meenakari border and zari work increase the aesthetics of the saree. The zari work on pallu and bodes makes the beauty of the sari intensify tenfold. 

Style this outfit with your favorite pair of gold jewelry to keep it simple. You can also jazz up the outfit with statement jewelry or bold makeup. A hairstyle can change the look drastically. Choose from what suits you and the occasion well. Sidetip! A bun with gajra can never disappoint. 

Pink Banarasi Silk Patola 

Pink Banarasi Silk Patola

Banarasi silk saree is the ultimate fabric that is regal and comfortable to wear on a long day of festive events. Floral patola design is weaved on this handloom silk saree with the utmost attention. The intricate zari work on the bodes, pallu, and the saree itself, makes it soothing to the eyes because zari never fails! The tassels enhance the elegant aesthetics of the apparel. 

A pair of statement earrings or a choker necklace will look great with this saree. You can tie your hair up or braid it to add that traditional element and let the saree shine. Simplistic makeup elevates the look as it complements the bright color of the saree well. 

Purple Banarasi Silk Patola

Purple Banarasi Silk Patola

The banarasi silk saree is a catchy blend of rich purple and bright orange. The combination is soothing to the eyes and goes well on festive occasions. The tassels add charm to the outfit to make it shine and even more eye catchy. 

To style the outfit and let the saree be the star of the show go for a less is more strategy. The minimalistic jewelry of a few statement pieces suffice to elevate the vibes of the outfit. 

Check out the Indistyle website for more designer sarees and find your perfect companion cloth for the next festive event.

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