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Monsoon Elegance: Stylish Indian Ethnic Wear Ideas for Ladies 2023

by Mayur Zinzala 01 Aug 2023

Monsoon is the season to enjoy the earthy smell of soil, hot snacks and meals, and coffee or tea. Staying fashionable in this damp season is probably not the most exciting activity. Worry not ladies, we got your back here. Read this blog, where we have mentioned a few Indian ethnic outfits that could fit your monsoon comfy aesthetics most elegantly. 

Fashion and Monsoon: A Daunting pair

Styling in the monsoon is a grueling task. With a sky that pours on its own accord, the temperature goes haywire. Flaunting your looks and styling can go out of question in such uncertain conditions. 

Rainy weather can dampen your hair but not your will to style, we ensure you that. All you need to do is choose the appropriate fabric material and style that fits your well. Indian ethnic apparel can be perfect on various occasions and assist your desi avatar to style and shine, even in this cloudy weather. 

Monsoon Fashion: Splashes of Indian ethnics Aesthetics

Monsoon can not dampen your fashionista spirit. It is easy to flaunt your fashion even when the sky is downpouring. Taking care of a few factors can save you a headache from the struggle of dressing up in the monsoon. Be fashion ready always, Who knows when you have your cham-cham moment? 

Tips to dress in monsoon rains:

  • Basics go a long way. Make a ‘fashion basics’ section in your wardrobe. Fill it with basic fashion apparel such as basic colored t-shirts, shirts, cotton kurtis, printed sarees, and more of such apparel. 
  • Humidity can make your favorite top a mortal enemy. So the breathability of the apparel is essential. 
  • Musty-smelling clothes are a problem in the rainy season. Lightweight fabric ensures that even if your outfit gets damp, it dries quickly and avoids bacteria buildup. 
  • Avoid wearing any heavy clothes as they can be a handful to manage. 
  • No matter how tempting or fashionable the clothes may be, if it's not comfortable, do not wear them. The hassle is not worth the discomfort in such rainy weather. 
  • Invest in quality materials so that the fabric lasts longer, even if they rough up in the rain. 

The Kurti: Versatility Queen 

Kurtis has been one of the preferred apparel for women. It is because of the simplicity and comfort, all while meeting the fashion needs of a person. Whether it is a formal meeting, hanging out with friends, or glamping up for a festive function, a kurti can never disappoint. 

On days when you don't feel like hassling through the wardrobe to find a perfect outfit, a kurti can be your lifesaver. Put on a simple cotton kurti paired with preferred bottom such as a palazzo, trousers, or jeans, and the tedious task is finished. 

Style it with a pair of statement jewelry or a jhumkis and comfortable footwear. Go for simple makeup and open hair for an effortless daily look. Play with a chunni, makeup, and hair to glam up for that party or festive function. 

Find a range of bold and pastel-colored kurtis to fit your formal and festive functions in breathable light fabrics like silk, cotton, and rayon. 

Kurta Set with breathable bottoms


Kurta Set for Women can make life so much better. Just pull it out of the closet, add some accessories, and do light makeup, and you have a flaunting and flattering look. Investing in a good quality kurta set can be the best decision one can make to diversify their ‘fashion basic’ wardrobe. 

A kurta set for women made of Chanderi silk or cotton can be a blessing on rainy days. It is breathable, feels light on your skin, and stylish ofcourse. If it's paired with Jutti and statement earrings, a recipe for perfection. 

Festive functions in monsoons can be a lot of work. Ensure to dress comfortably to avoid any inconvenience. Convenience can be fashionable too. A georgette kurta set with sequence designs can be perfect for such an occasion. Style it with a few pieces of jewelry, footwear that suits you well, and makeup to have that fashion diva aura. 

Saree and Slay on a Rainy Day:

Sarees can make the elegant side of you shine distinctively. It lets you present the perfect balance of elegance and power by draping comfortably around you. With accessories and makeup, you can make it bold or softer tone to fit the occasion well. 

Styling a soft silk saree in the shadi season is essential. So is the need to be comfortable in that saree and roistering in the function (and enjoy the food!). Go for breathable and light fabrics like Silk, Cotton, georgette, or chiffon. These fabrics are lightweight, easy to carry, and breathable to let you live in peace while you slay the show. 

Simple printed saree designs have the most impact. But you can jazz up the outfit with jhumkis or statement jewelry, makeup, and heels or flats. Remember, less is more. Balance your overall outfit well. If you wear statement jewelry, keep the makeup simple or vice versa. 

Tunic Tops: Formal Normal

Going to your office in the rainy season can feel like a drag, but dressing up won’t. Tunic tops are one of the most comfortable Indian formal wear trends in the fashion world. They can be perfect to present your fashion sense in a corporate setting. 

The cotton tunic tops help you survive the rainy day blunders. They are lightweight, so they dry quickly if you get blessed by the rain while going to the office. 

Style the overall with light makeup and delicate jewelry for the most elegant look. You can play with hairstyle to bring some drama to the overall look. 

Let The Lehenga Choli Roll:


A girl can never go wrong with a Designer Lehenga Choli for a festive function. Whether it is a flowy georgette or a classic banarasi or silk, lehenga choli and rock the party any day. 

In the monsoon season, one can go for darker shades. However, if you feel light colors would do, then go ahead with the light shade and flaunt your style. Style up the overall outfit with a chunky piece of jewelry for all the drama aesthetics. 

Let your hair free to flow and fall on your face. Everyone deserves the best hair flip moment once in life. What better occasion than being dressed in a Designer Lehenga Choli

Gowns: Go Regal In Rains

Walking in a fluffy designer evening gown with all styled up is a very ‘main character’ thing. Do not let the rain take this moment away from you. Wear that gown you have been dreaming of and style it well. 

Play with your hairstyle, let it loose, or tie a neat low bun with a little gajra to top it off. Balance the makeup with the style of the gown. Let the dress shine and go of simple jewelry. One or two statement pieces of jewelry will do the job well. 

In conclusion, Monsoon elegance can be your persona with Indian ethnic wear. No matter whether you need to attend a formal or festive function, do not let the rain dampen your spirits. Try cotton kurtis, printed saree, or tunic tops to wear to your office. Go for soft silk sarees, kurta sets, designer evening gowns, or a designer lehenga choli to let your persona shine in that festive function. Remember, accessories and makeup are your besties to glam up the outfit well. Invest in lightweight and breathable fabrics to make your life better this monsoon. 

Explore the monsoon collection of IndiStyle to find the perfect fit for you. The ample apparel lets you have the option to choose and order what meets your need the best. 

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