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Heavenly Handloom Sarees: Embrace The Trendy Style

by Mayur Zinzala 18 Sep 2023

Handloom is one of the ancient art of our country. Carefully woven threads make a fabric that adorns your personality and expresses elegance. The handloom fabrics are heavenly and comfortable. The Handloom sarees are the perfect way to embrace your culture and its elegance. 

The art of handloom in saree

Sarees are one of the traditional apparel worn by women of India for ages. In those days the high-quality saree was hand-woven in a handloom to give it a personalized touch and the artisan perfection. 

It was for the royals to represent their level of standards. The art of handloom is now available for you in all its glory to adorn our personalities and beauty. We at IndiStyle present a few handpicked collections of handloom Designer sarees that can be worn on any occasion to let your diva personality shine. 

Note that all the below-mentioned sarees have an unstitched fabric for the blouse. It gives you the creative liberty to style it how you want it. Make a blouse that fits your occasion, style, and personality well. 

The Swarovski Magic

These sarees are adorned with Swarovski diamonds of different sizes on the overall saree bodes and blouse.  

Trusty teal green 

Teal Green Saree

The rangoli fabric is the perfect substitute for an Indian silk saree. The rangoli silk fabric is artificial silk made to give the comfort of silk at affordable prices. The Swarovski diamonds on the overall saree elevate the aesthetics of the outfit. The darker shade of the fabric with the bright diamonds shining in the dark makes it the perfect fit for festive events at night. Glam the outfit with statement accessories and jewelry. 

Precious Pista

Festive wear Silk Saree

This pista handloom saree is the perfect blend of diamond shine and zari work glam woven into a designer saree. The pleasant color of the saree blends well with the bling of the Swarovski and gold zari embroidery. The tassels attached to the pallu add little fun elements to the overall outfit. 

Style them with Indian designer jewelry to add to their glam. Style your hair into a bun, or let them flow. Accessories in hair might feel like the cherry on the top of the cake. 

Perfect purple 

Purple sarees

The purple color is associated with luxury and royalty. It is your perfect companion for wedding functions. The Swarovski diamonds accompanied by the golden zari work check off all the luxury outfit requirements. The blouse elevates the overall appeal of the saree. The zari work on the border gives it an aesthetic edgy look that just adds to the beauty of the beholder.   

It makes a good designer saree for wedding attendees, it's simple yet has a glam that helps you align your outfit with the dress code of the evening. Style it with accessories of Indian designs to make it better. 

Sequence shine

Mustered Yellow Sequence Saree

Sequence shines so that the beholder can stand out. This shade of yellow handloom saree will help you represent your diva persona with the shine of sequences. The subtle color is soothing to the eyes and makes it perfect for festive events. The tassels around the pallu add a little element of elegance to the overall outfit.  

Style this saree with a pearl of statement jewelry to add to its regal vibes. You can use accessories to elevate the overall aesthetics of the outfit. Hairstyle is a crucial part of the dress. You can tie your hair up or let them loose to let them flow. 

Vichitra Silk for the win

Vichitra silk saree

Vichitra silk is a type of artificial silk that has the characteristics of natural silk. It reduces the cost of fabric and yet feels similar effects. These Vichitra Indian silk saree make the perfect choice for people. The sequencing work on the Persian green color makes it perfect to shine at weddings. The bodes' work attracts attention the right way accompanied by the tassels on the end of the pallu.   

Jewelry plays a crucial role in elevating the aesthetics of the outfit. A few statement pieces of jewelry with your hair let down with a few head accessories will make it a chef kiss. 

IndiStyle has a great collection of designer saree for weddings. Check out their collection of impressive handloom Indian wear that first your closet and fulfill its Indian aesthetics in the best way possible. 

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