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Handloom Designer Saree That Add Authentic Touch to Your Wedding Outfit

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Jun 2023
Designer Saree for Women

Every bride is very touched emotionally with her wedding outfits. Be is her bridal lehenga, or her Indian silk saree for reception, or her haldi-saree. Many brides choose to wear their mother’s wedding lehenga/ saree for their own wedding, counting it as a blessing they pass on with it. 

In previous times, it was a saying that the wedding outfits were ought to be authentically made, as for the pride it carries with it for the family. That is why most brides in earlier times used to get handloom designer saree with the real silver/ gold embroidery done over it. 

The handlooms sarees are made by weavers using handloom machines. It takes several weeks for them to craft a handloom saree. Those sarees are the ultimate result of hard work, excellent craftsmanship and authentic Indian touch. Although the exceptional beauty that the handloom sarees provide, The tradition of handwoven sarees is getting forgotten.

Handloom designer Saree for Women for the Perfect Wedding Outfit

The Indian Brides must carry a staple piece of handloom designer sarees that they too can carry forward to their next generation, as the handloom sarees will always have the authentic Indian touch that would survive a lifetime. Besides the beauty that those saree carries are unmatched. 

The materials of the Handloom Sarees:

The handloom sarees are made with various types of fabrics. The silk, the linen, the cotton and many more. The silhouette of your saree greatly depends on the material of the sarees. Thus, it is important what material you choose for your handloom wedding saree.

Handloom Soft Silk Sarees

It is crucial to understand the hard working craftsmanship that goes behind the making these beautiful sarees. The handwoven soft silk saree that feels like a hug to your skin. The material used for the handloom sarees becomes the Royal touch to your saree itself. The Handloom pure silk sarees especially, tend to reflect the shine, which will stand you apart from the crowd. 

Handloom Linen Saree

The Handloom Linen sarees are light and breezy. The Linen fabric is made from flax plant fibres and is a bit thicker than cotton. The perfectly crafted linen sarees are sweat observant, which hold the power to keep you cool even during the summer afternoon. The handloom Linen sarees are more durable which allows you to store that wedding saree to pass on to the next heir.

Handloom Cotton Sarees

The handloom cotton sarees are one of the most popular sarees in India. The colours of the cotton sarees are just stunning. The cotton designer sarees mostly come in tinted colours which gives a khadi fabric look(colour wise) to your outfit. The handloom cotton sarees are perfect for summer season, as they hold the ability to keep you cool. 

The Handloom Tissue Silk Sarees

The handloom tissue silk sarees are truly one of the most delicate and elegant types of silk sarees. The tissue silk sarees are handloom woven with incredibly fine silk threads which creates a texture and feel of tissue papers. The gleam and beauty of the handwoven tissue silk sarees speakers for its craftsmanship. The silhouette these sarees can create for you is just what you need. 

The Beautiful Colours of the Handloom Sarees

The handloom sarees are crafted with supreme creativity that is passed on to the craftsmen from generation to generation. The fibres, the fabric, the dyeing, and the colour selection is handpicked by the artisans to craft perfect and beautiful sarees. Usually the colour of the sarees are based on the fabric, as to carefully choose what colour would look the best on which fabric. The handloom designer sarees are available in so many beautiful colours, materials, and designs for you to choose from.

The Designs of Handloom Sarees

The history of the handloom sarees goes back many centuries. Thus, you can clearly see the evolution in the designs of the handloom sarees. Although every handwoven sarees carry a well thought design that makes the sarees/ designs ageless. You can check the old Banarasi sareeKanchipuram silk saree, and other Indian handloom sarees and see for yourself their ageless designs that are still trendy. You can take years old sarees from your grandma’s closet and still find them attractive.

Wrap It Up: 

The Handloom sarees are the Indian traditional craft that everyone should carry forward to survive them for the future generations to look at our Indian fascinating crafts as well. The handloom sarees however, always look stunning as you dress them correctly. Carrying perfect statement jewellery, a bindi, and a ‘Mogre ka gajra’ do for a complete authentic Indian Look for a bride. 

Handloom sarees make the perfect wedding outfit. They also make a perfect Indian brides maid outfit. Explore and shop the handloom designer sarees for this wedding season, and rock. 
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