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8 Types of Indian Silk sarees that every woman should have in her closet!

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Jun 2023
Indian Silk Saree

Sarees are what all the women of India wear with pride. It gives one a sense of dignity, pride and elegance. The class and the royalty the Indian silk saree brings to a person, no other clothing can do better. The sarees are perfect for any aged woman to carry with such elegance. The pure silk sarees especially, when worn perfectly, give you a perfect silhouette. The best part is you can never look underdressed in any situation in a silk saree, agree? Over-dressed, maybe? But being a little overdressed is obviously much better than being under dressed, right?

When dressed correctly with appropriate jewellery, the sarees can do charm for you for any location. Trends will come and go. But the Indian silk sarees are staying forever.

Must Have Indian Silk Sarees for Women

If you agree on what we discussed above, then you must know these 8 types of Indian silk sarees that every woman must have in their closet. 

Gaji Silk Sarees

Gaji Silk Sarees

The gaji silk sarees are made with satin weaves with rayon warp and cotton weft that creates a highly glossy surface. Which also simply means the gaji silk sarees are the satin weave done on silk. The gaji silk designer sarees are widely famous to be used in native dresses of Gujrat, India. This silk saree as it is crafted, has a textured and lustrous finish on one side and the normal cotton finish on the other. Which also gives you a little comfort during summer times. 

Plain Satin Silk Saree

The satin silk sarees are crafted with satin weave. The satin silk sarees have a smooth, shiny and lustrous surface. The satin silk, having an ability to reflect light, provides a shiny surface and a glamorous look. It makes for an elegant drape that creates a perfect silhouette. Pairing it with the right type of blouse and jewellery can create you a royal look. 

Chiffon Silk Saree

The elegance in the drape of chiffon saree is exceptional. Chiffon sarees are one of the most famous types of silk sarees as for the bollywood. Bollywood started the obsession of chiffon sarees with the famous actresses wearing chiffon sarees on the mountains that too in winters. Absurd a little, but that's how charmfull the chiffon silk sarees are. The light, airy, and translucent fabric crafted by tightly twisting yarns composed of very fine threads. 

Patola Silk Saree

The patola silk sarees are double ikat woven silk sarees. Patola sarees are greatly derived from patan, Gujarat and now famous all over the world. The patola sarees are mostly designed with patterns of parrots, flowers, elephants and dancing figures. The new age patolas also includes geometric designs and flower patterns. Earlier because of the high prices, the patolas are known to be worn by mostly royal families according to history.  

Linen Silk Saree

The light and breezy linen fabric is favourite amongst women during hot summers. The linen is sweat observant which keeps you cool even during the hot summer afternoon. The linen is a bit thicker than cotton and more durable. The linen fabric is made from flax plant fibres. The linen sarees are truly one of the most beautiful sarees out there. The ability to create perfectly adorable silhouettes make them one of the most loved sarees of India. 

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

The Kanjivaram sarees are woven by pure mulberry silk threads. The Kanchipuram sarees derive its tradition from south India. These silk sarees are famous for their contrasting borders. Strips, checks, florals and temple borders are the traditional designs that you mostly see on the Kanchipuram designs. The Kanchipuram silk sarees are mostly woven with heavy silks and gold, as they are believed to be special and are worn on special occasions and festivals. 

Leheriya Silk Saree

Leheriya means ‘weaves’. Leheriya sarees derive its tradition from rajasthan. Leheriya sarees are one of the most famous textile crafts of India. The leheriya-pattern is inspired by the expanse of the desert landscape of Rajasthan. The Leheriya chiffon sarees or Leheriya cotton sarees were traditionally worn by Gujarati and Rajasthani women everyday and the Leheriya silk sarees for wedding and special occasions. Nowadays it is one of the trends to give traditional Leheriya sarees to women on their wedding days as their ‘stridhan’ as well. 

Banarasi SIlk Saree

The Banarasi silk sarees are famous to be made in Varanasi(Banaras). The Banarasi sarees are widely famous for its gold and silver zari-work. The Banarasi silk sarees are finely woven with intricate designs and beautiful colours. Banarasi saree is one of India's most favourite and most sold type silk sarees amongst women. They are beautifully designed with such intricate patterns and colours that they are reputed to make every woman look royal. 

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