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7 Details to Look Out for In Your Bridal Lehenga

by Mayur Zinzala 20 Jun 2023
Bridal Lehenga Choli

It goes without saying that wedding lehengas are the most important thing in wedding shopping. The Indian wedding shopping market has tons of options for every bride to be. From sarees to bridal lehenga choli to indo-western clothes, the brides have tons of options to choose from for their wedding day. You can always pick sarees to wear on your wedding day like old times. The beautiful drapery of the saree creates a beautiful silhouette according to the body type. Where the wedding lehenga choli creates a certain silhouette for almost every body type. Which is kind of better when it comes to the wedding day, as you don’t have to worry much about how it would look, as it looks only perfect. 

The bridal lehenga choli are not just perfect looking but are also a very sensible choice for a wedding, as one can walk more freely and can be designed with more convenience. You can add pockets to your lehenga, add more frills to your lehenga at the bottom with ken-ken to create a ball gown-like look, and can style your dupatta in a hundred ways that suit you. 

Details in Bridal Lehenga to Look Out For

There are thousands of options available in the market for your perfect designer bridal lehenga choli. And you may have to browse a lot when you are in the bridal lehenga hunt. So, here are a few details you must look out for in your bridal lehenga to get that perfect look that you have in your head for years. 

1. Colour

First things first, you need to decide what coloured Indian wedding lehenga you want for your wedding. If you have decided what kind of decoration is going to be happening for your wedding, especially what is the colour theme of the decoration, then you can decide the colour of your lehenga according to that. So that all you wouldn’t blend in with the decorations in your wedding pictures and have the perfect pictures. There are a lot of options available for a wedding lehenga that you must explore, instead of going for the traditional Red lehenga. Or you can also choose red lehenga as they are also available in hundreds of shades of reds. 

2. Fabric

designer lehenga for wedding
The fabric is the most vital thing for a designer lehenga for wedding, which goes without saying. You need to be in the lehenga for more than 4 hours which is a long time. So you need to choose a fabric that you will be most comfortable in. There are silk, georgette, net fabric and many more fabrics that are available for bridal lehenga cholis that you can choose from. 

3. Embroidery

bridal lehenga

Embroidery is the thing that brings the royal-look in wedding lehengas. The embossed embroidery work gives in the beauty in the bridal lehenga. The dori-work, the gota-patti, the gold/silver zari work, zardosi work and many types of embroidery works are there that you can get done on your lehenga to make it the most beautiful piece of clothing. 

4. Sequins

designer chaniya choli

Sequins obviously make your designer chaniya choli shine more. You can choose an embroidery work type that includes the sequin work, so that your lehenga can shine like no other in your wedding and make you look the most special person there that you will be. 

5. Border

bridal lehenga choli

The border work in the bridal lehenga choli is also the most vital thing, as that gives your lehenga a complete look. The length of the border on your lehenga should start anywhere from your knees to the calves so that your lehenga can look longer, which in turn makes you look longer. You must choose a heavy worked design for your border that elevates the whole lehenga with its heavy work. 

6. Mirror Work

Indian chaniya choli

Mirror work is a very commonly used work for a lehenga in Gujarati bridal lehenga. The mirror work reflects the light and makes your Indian chaniya choli a little shiny in return. Which makes the mirror work a good option for a wedding lehenga. 

7. Blouse

bridal lehenga

The blouse is obviously the most important thing in your wedding outfit. It must fit you well, is the first thing that should be suggested. There are hundreds of designs that you can choose from for your wedding outfit. The neckline, the sleeves, the back, is what you should be choosing according to your body type, so that you can be most comfortable. The points mentioned above for bridal lehenga, all apply here for your blouse as well. The colour, the fabric, the embroidery, the border, are all the things you must look out for your blouse as well. 

Wrap it Up:

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. So, you must make the most fun out of it. Whatever you choose for your wedding day, the most important thing is for you to be comfortable and have fun.

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