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6 Chic Lehenga Choli: Embracing the comfy minimalist

by Mayur Zinzala 21 Aug 2023

The times of attending functions call for you to summon your fashionista to do her best. We know it could be intimidating or worrisome if you are not much of a dresser or you are running low on time. We got you covered with our Stylish Lehenga Choli Collection. Embrace the elegance of the minimalistic designs to satiate your outfit needs comfortably. 

Minimalistic Lehenga Choli: A Wardrobe Essential? 

Bold looks and clothing are essential for your fashion-forward vibes in the festive season. However, it could be draining to always go through your closet when dressing for an event. Especially when you are running low on energy or simply not in the mood.

Minimalistic lehenga choli doesn’t require a piece of your brain for accessories, hairstyles, and other factors. Just get in these comfy lehenga cholis that are chic by themselves. When paired with a few classic accessories…your styling job is done!

6 Lehenga Choli To Embody Your Chic Personality

We present you a few of our top products that tick off the lists of comfy clothing needs with a stylish kick to them. These are a few designer lehenga cholis you can find on our website among others. 

Bandhej Brilliance

Bandhani Lehenga Choli

This lehenga choli is for those confused about whether to go simple or all out for a festive function. It's difficult to choose some time and we understand, worry not we got you. 

This lehenga choli is tailored with intricate floral pattern embroidery with Lucknowi threads. The material is soft georgette that provides you necessary comfort with style of course! The blue bandhej gaji silk Lehenga Choli adds additional charm to the outfit. 

Style it with statement earrings and braid your hair to add drama. You can go for simple jhumkis and open hair for an effortless look. It could pass as your Navratri lehenga choli with the highest credits. 

Embroidery never disappoints 

Embroidery Lehenga choli

White is the color of peace, purity, and innocence. Embody the elegance of this color with this all-white embroidered lehenga choli. They belong to your Indian partywear lehenga choli collection.  

Style it up with jhumkis or oxidized jewelry to increase the aesthetics of the outfit. Play with the hairstyle choices and drape the dupatta around the arms or shoulders. 

Teal seals the deal

Printed Lehenga choli

This teal-printed lehenga choli is the comfiest to wear and looks stunning. The color is bold to fit the festive vibes, and the breathable material makes it the perfect choice for a chic and comfy outfit. The bandhej print on the lehenga is catchy and represents the traditional art of India. It represents the cultural significance with the aesthetic vibes while being comfortable silk. 

Style it with statement jewelry to balance the outfit and add a little dramatic element to the overall outfit. Drape the dupatta that suits you and the vibe you are going for. 

Purple is perfect 

Printed Lehenga choli

This Floral Print lehenga choli is perfect for the festive season. The bold purple color fits the bold vibes, and the Chinon silk makes it light, flowy, and breathable. Sound like comfort to me! Let your persona shine with the lustrous design while being in your comfort zone. 

Go for simplistic jewelry and hairstyle to let the outfit shine with its charm. Simple earrings and makeup elevate the aesthetics of the apparel. 

Maroon for the Hearts

Silk Lehenga choli

This georgette beauty is perfect as a Navratri lehenga choli. The color fits fine with the vibes of the night. The minimalistic design of the lehenga choli and the breathable georgette fabric is your go-to option on lazy days. The golden embroidery and tassels on the dupatta add a little drama to the overall comfy outfit. 

Georgette is among the most popular materials for festive wear due to its breathability and flowiness. It adds to your elegance and chic personality. 

If you want to add drama to the outfit, go for a fish braid or curls. Choose statement jewelry to fulfill your aesthetics. 

IndiStyle is your destination for making your wardrobe equipped with stylish Indian apparel that fits your desi girl avatar just right! Whether it is a designer saree, lehenga choli, kurtis, or gown, we got something for you. Check out our website to find your perfect fit Designer lehenga choli to be the charm in a chic fit next time you dress festively.


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