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4 Patola Sarees That will Make You Go Proper Patola

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Jun 2023
Patola Saree for Women

All the Gujarti women out there would know the importance of a proper patola in the Gujarati wedding. The untold necessity to wear patola silk sarees is a great Gujarati tradition. Buying a silk saree for wedding has been a tradition for ages now. And now it is not just a tradition, as patola sarees come in so many options that you just can’t pick one! 

As explained in earlier blog, 8 Types of Indian Silk sarees that every woman should have in her closet, 

‘The patola silk sarees are double ikat woven silk sarees. Patola sarees are greatly derived from patan, Gujarat and now famous all over the world. The patola sarees are mostly designed with patterns of parrots, flowers, elephants and dancing figures. The new age patolas also includes geometric designs and flower patterns. Earlier because of the high prices, the patolas are known to be worn by mostly royal families according to history’. 

Besides from history, the Patola silk sarees are usually crafted with beautiful bright colours and cheerful design, which naturally makes the one wearing the patola saree look beautiful and royal. Plus, the Gujarati Wedding with a proper Gujarati silk saree with a proper Gujarati nakhra ae swag is what makes everyone go ‘Proper Patola’.

Proper Patola

Red Patola for Women

The proper patola silk saree, handloom woven that creates such fine fabric for Patolas. The beautiful flower pattern for the patola design, that gives the designer saree a proper traditional look. Paring it with a matching blouse and heavy gold jewellery will give you the propera gujarati patola look.

A Touch of Royalty

Indian silk saree

The colour blue, ladies and gentlemen. The colour blue has always been the colour of royalty. The deep blue colour that brings out your eyes and that suits with mostly every skin complexion. The intricate geometric pattern for the design adds on to the complex beauty of Patolas, and the blue tassel at the borders of the
Indian silk saree, gives it a little cheerful look as well. Enhance your look with some pearl or simple gold jewellery and pull hair back in a bun.

The Gaji Silk

Gaji Silk Saree

The gaji silk sarees are widely famous to be used in native dresses of Gujrat, India. The making of gaji silk can simply be defined as ‘the satin weaves done on silk’. The gaji silk sarees have a glossy surface on the side and a simple cotton surface on the other, which makes them more comfortable for the summers. The patols on Gaji silk sarees are also a very traditional way of printing patolas. This printed saree here, has a years old traditional pattern made with elephants, butterflies, birds and geometric patterns. Elevate your look with some heavy gold jhumkas and some bangles and rings.

Padharo Mhare Desh

Patola Print Saree

The Famous collaboration of Gujarati and Rajasthani Tradition. The Gujarati Patola and the Rajasthani Leheriya that collaborates their pattern in this ‘Patola -
Leheriya Silk Sarees.The gorgeous wavy leheriya lines for the print on the whole body of the saree, and the famous geometrical  patola patterns on the pallu, combines in beautiful pure silk saree. Elevate your look with some gold jewellery, studded with matching coloured beads or stones that completes your look.

Patolas have been a part of Gujarati tradition ever since their existence. The patolas originated from Patan, Gujarat and have travelled through the world now and are famous in the whole wide world. The patterns and colours of Patola sarees are deep and beautiful. The beauty that they carry adds on to your own beauty as well. 

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